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  • David Magen
    March 17, 2017 13:21
    I'm not sure , but I think that the west again suffered another defeat by Kremlin tyrants and their puppets . Clumsy isn't it ?
  • Michael Petrovich
    March 19, 2017 01:15
    If Putin arrives on the eve of the election in Belgrade, as speculated by the writer, it would be good not only for Vucic but for Seselj as well. I wouldn't like to see anyone ten or twenty years younger than Vucic or Seselj making it to the second round. Remember, a "young gun" is out for himself. New York City, Washington, London, Berlin, Rome or Amsterdam are the places for him. Let those with more political savvy be the elected ones. I believe that either of the two (Vucic or Seselj) speak for the Serbian people; the "young gun" is nothing more than a proxy of Western meddling. But, let the chips fall where they may? Times are changing: Globalization and Western hegemony are on the wane (and it's about time)!